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The Baroque Package

Do you want to go in time in an era where you can appreciate strong emotions in paintins and sculpture? Where art glorify kings and the church? This is the right tour for you!

We will start our tour in the beautiful city of Naples located in Italy

Our first stop of the tour will be in the National Museum of Capodimonte were Artemisa Gentileschi will talk about her painting "Judith slaying Holofernes". She will explain us the techniques she used as well as a little background about her painting.

After that awesome time, you will have the whole day to explore the beautiful city of Naples. Everyone will be in groups, and we will hand a map with places to visit as well as places to eat and relax.

At 5 pm, we will reunite again in the Piazza Plebiscito to go to take train to our next destination: Venice.

We will arrive at Venice at around 11:00 PM so, we will go to the hotel so you can rest.

The next day, you will have the morning for yourselves. You will be able to explore the city, get a good breakfast at the hotel or another place, walk around the city, and take beautiful photos.

At 1:00 PM, we will gather together at the hotel, and go to have an delicious lunch at the Ristorante La Caravella.

After eating the delicious meal, we will continue our tour going to the theater La Fenicie where we will have the honor to meet Antonio Vivaldi.

We will have the pleasure to hear Vivaldi's famous work "Four Seasons". At the same time, Vivaldi will recite his poems so we can understand better his beautiful composition. Consequently, everyone will have time to ask questions to Antonio Vivaldi as well as taking pictures with him.

Finishing this amazing experience, we will continue our tour by riding in the gondolas.

At the end of riding the gondolas, we will gathered together, and we will give each group a map so you can explore Venice at night. In your maps, there will be restaurants that you can go to eat dinner and have a beautiful time.

By 11 PM, we will reunite again in the hotel, and everyone will go to their rooms so they can sleep since we will leave early tomorrow.

The next day, we will reunite in the lobby from the hotel room at 10 AM. We will wait for around 10 minutes, and then we will leave for the train station. Our train will left the station at 11 AM to our next destination: Milan.

Once get to Milan, we will head to our hotel so everyone can relax at the spa. Once everyone finish their session at the spa, we will head to Ristorante Nabucco. Here, we will enjoy a delicious meal, and have a nice talk to keep knowing each other.

After our meal, we will head to the Pinacoteca Di Brera where Michelangelo Merisi, mostly known as Caravaggio, will show us his beautiful painting "Supper at Emmamus." Caravaggio will talk about the techniques he used for the painting, as well as some background about his painting. When he is done, everyone will have time to ask him questions and take pictures with him.

At the end of the our time with Caravaggio, you will have time to explore the Museum as well to explore the City. We strongly recommend you to go and visit the Duomo since it is one of the most beautiful architectures in Milan. We will give a map to each group where you will find places to explore and to dine, as well as hiding gems in Milan,Italy.

We will meet at the hotel at around 11 PM, so everyone can gather their belongings, and then head to the bus that will take us to Paris, France. The time of arrival will be around 7 AM.

There will be a bus waiting for us that will take us to our hotel. We will gathered together in the lobby, and give each group a map with beautiful places to explore, have lunch and dine. There are many gems in Paris besides the Louvre and The Eiffel Tower. You will find of these gems in their maps.

The next day we will head out to Versailles at 8:00 AM. We will arrive at The Versailles Palace at around 9:00 AM. There we will meet the one and only King Louis XIV.He is most know as the "Sun King".

King Louis XIV will shows their beautiful palace, the Estate of Trianon, the gardens, and the royal stables.

After this guide tour, we will have the pleasure to ask questions to King Louis XIV, and take pictures him. In addition, we will have the pleasure to have lunch and dine with him.

After this amazing experience with King Louis XIV, we will head out to our hotel, all the groups will gather their belonging, and head to the train station. There, we will head out to Madrid, Spain at around 9:00 AM.

We will head out to our hotel first so you can left your belongings there. Upon our arrival, there will be a delicious breakfast waiting for us. Then, we will head out to Museo del Prado where Diego Velasquez will be waiting us. He will show us hiw amazing painting "Las Meninas". Velasquez will take about the techniques he used to create this masterpiece as well as the inspiration he had while painting it. Then, we will have a time for questions to him as well as to take pictures.

After this amazing experience we will head out to the Circo Price theater where we will meet the incredible Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. He will talk about the inspiration behind Don Quijote de la Mancha, and then we will see the play about this book.

Afterwards, we will have a time for asking questions to Saavedra, and take pictures with him. Also, we will have the honor to have a delicious paella with him at the Posada de la Villa restaurant.

This will be the last night of our tour so everyone will have the afternoon free to explore the beautiful city of Madrid. We will give you maps that will have places to explore and to dine. Enjoy this last night, and let yourself explore The Madre Patria.