Petite Ladyeiffel

New Packages Soon

Since we are receiving a great demand in both of out tours, we have decided that we are releasing a third tour soon. Therefore, we want to hear from our customers!

If you want to visit a specific era or have in mind new tours that can create, you can send and email to We will be reading your suggestions weekly, and every week we will starting posting the suggestions in this page so other customers can vote for their favorite ones.

At the end of the month, we will pick the three most voted tours, and for 3 months, we will have the customers to vote for the winner. Once we have the winner, we will contact him/her, and the person will go to his/her tour for free!

Don't forget to come next week to read about the participating tours, and vote for your favorite one!

In addition, we want to announce that our next tour will be about the Romanticism era. Stay tuned next week to know which artists, musicians and writters will be the tour guides. Also, we will revealed the cities you are going to explore.